Earthlings The Game

Earthlings The Game is a small pixel-art world, almost reaching the smallest expression of art in pixels.
In Earthlings you will live an adventure where you will travel through planets you can explore in big spaceships. You will visit ancient lost temples of unknown alien civilisations full of secret mysteries that will be revealed. All leading in an adventure where you will discover that humans are not the “only” earthlings, and the world and Solar System are not what you believed they were.


Earthlings The Game recuperates a part of the click & point games where you will explore and use your ingenuity to advance in the story. You will be able to interact with a lot of elements of the scene, searching, looking for and taking not always useful elements. With very big and wide worlds where you can spend hours exploring and discovering alternative and complementary elements to the main story. In our hazardous adventure you will find multifarious characters who will delight us with conversations which will help you to unravel the hidden details of this story. We want you to live a legendary proportioned story that will not leave you indifferent.

Additionally, “Earthlings The Game” also combines action. During the game you will have to defend yourself and attack with various weapons you will find. We have added a “roguelike” style where you will have to make your way by bursting in if discretion is not your style or if you have no other choice.


We want you to be able to live a full adventure, therefore, we have joined classical adventure with action. All in all in a pixelled world.

We honestly hope having awakened your curiosity for our video game. And to make possible our adventure attains as far as possible, the first launch will be available at Windows, Mac and Linux.

win mac linux

Earthlings The Game, is a game developed by a two member team, Jordi Lafitte y Juan Carlos Román.


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If you want to contact us you can do it in the mail info@earthlingsthegame.com

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