Earthlings The Game

All NPC´s have the same range of movement, 8 directions, with a large variety of movements. Each one of those NPC´s have specific movements.
As you can appreciate on the down bellow image, we have created a bunch of cool weapons to enable you to destroy almost everything to pixels. A lot of items are hidden and special that will enlarge your “Diogenes” Syndrome.

Many combos will be available for melee weapons.

selena 360

Watch out with the infected! Which kind of developers we would be if we did not included infected, but take care, they are very irritating, indeed programmers have design them in the way that you will always be their first option on their menu.

Not everything you will find is non-stop action. You will need to know when to stay silent. Stealth is an option. That´s why we have put at your disposal some “carrying bags” to pack-up whoever can bother you on your way, and hid it afterwards away from the sight of anyone.


This is a great adventure! We will find a lot of different characters. Some of them will be friendly, some not so much. We have infected, androids, monsters, bugs, aliens and some outlandish characters that you will meet through this epic adventure.

Part of the game will be to solve puzles and labyrinths, you will have to talk with many NPC´s, which will hell help us in the adventure, and will give us some special quests.


As stated beforehand we want to enlarge your “Diogenes” Syndrome that´s why we have spread a vast amount of things all along the game, and to manage it you have a fancy inventory.


If you went through this that means that like the adventure. We have many planets, moons, asteroids, and tiny planets at Kuiper´s belt, with mining camps, temples, labyrinths already abandoned with a lot of secrets to be unveiled. Frozen worlds, others in flames or lava, deserted ones or with exuberant weird vegetation. You will reach them through space travels, along the intergalactic highway. All this with ships that you will have to explore, and in some cases to travel on them as a stowaway, prisoner or as a shiny commander of the ship.

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