Earthlings The Game

The Moon has been inhabited by an old civilization that watches and protects the Earth from outer threats for thousands of years.

Our heroine, Selena, on a scouting trip to the tiny planet called "ORCUS", found a starship that is astonishingly identical to a starship found on the moon thousands of years ago, prior to even the existence of the Selenites.


At her return to the Moon, Selena, started to notice some weird cases of madness. The central system which all Selenitas are connected to, forming a collective brain, had been corrupted. Selenitas' brains had been turned so that they would kill themselves. Communications with other command centers located in other galaxies revealed that they were facing the same problem and that there were just a few survivors.

Selena found a body connected to a server next to a strange artifact. With her Mentor´s help she discovered why they had been attacked and most importantly by whom…


Since the dawn of time the Selenitas have been facing an old civilization of gaseous beings, "The Amenoi". Their goal is to collect as many artifacts as possible along the Solar System; those artifacts are a source of great power, and we cannot even imagine what would happen if they collected them all.

The strike has been devastating and the Earth is no longer protected. Selena must discover what those artifacts are and find the rest of them. Therefore, she has to travel through the Solar System to obtain them before “the Amenoi” do. All her skills will be tested to overcome the traps, riddles, and challenges. Selena will confront them in the temples where the artifacts are; meanwhile, she will fight “The Amenoi” and "The Titans", the artifacts' protectors. Along her adventure, she will discover overwhelming temples, spaceships and awesome planets.

This fight began millenniums ago and now it should come to an end.Therefore, she will need to travel to the center of the Earth.

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